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Segment Ball Valve

› Absolutely free of dead space

› Full product passage

› Self-cleaning sealing surface

› Adjustable sealing system after wear

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Nominal width:

DN 80 - DN 600

Pressure max.

10 bar

Suitable for vacuum
Temperature from

-196°C to +250°C

Technical data

  • Insert


    › Filter dryer / vacuum dryer

    › Agitator tanks

    › Transport container

    › Reactors

    › Other containers

    Fields of application

    › Chemie

    › Pharma

    › Nahrungsmittel

    › Kosmetik

    › Materialtechnologie

    › Schmierstoffe

    › Lack

  • Medium

    › Gase

    › Flüssigkeiten

    › Emulsion

    › Sirup

    › Suspension

    › Granulat

    › Pulver

    › Puder

  • Construction


    › Absolutely dead space free

    › Swamp Arm

    › No product deposits

    › Self-cleaning sealing surface

    › Double eccentrically mounted ball segment

    › Inflatable ball segment seal

    Connection to container:

    › according to DIN or ANSI

    › Special connections according to customer requirements

    Weiterleitung an Rohrleitung:

    › according to DIN or ANSI

    › Special connections according to customer requirements

    Drive structure:

    › DIN/ISO 5211

    Optional according to customer requirements

    › Metallic sealing design for high temperature

    › Inflatable sealing system

    › Ball segment design adaptable to special vessel flanges

    › Forwarding according to customer requirements e.g. milk pipe, clamp, camlock, etc.

    › Contour of ball segment insertion adaptable to Container inner wall radius

    › Heating jacket

    › Flush connections

    › Extended shift shaft

    › Double stuffing box

    › Antistatic version

    › CIP version

    › Scraper edge for cutting viscous products

    › Surfaces in contact with product Ra < 0.3µm electropolished

    › Free of oil and grease

    › Silicone-free

    › Other options on request

    Weiterleitung an Rohrleitung:

    › Flansch nach EN1092-1

    › Schweißenden nach DIN11850

    › Milchrohr nach DIN11851

    › Klemmstutzen nach DIN32676

    › Sonderanschlüsse nach Kundenwunsch


    › Nach EN 12266-1 Leckrate A


    › Nach DIN/ISO 5211


    › TA-Luft

    › ATEX 94/9/EG

  • Materials

    Metal: 1.4404

    Ball seal: PTFE & PTFE/25% Fiberglass

    O-rings: Viton, EPDM or FEP-Viton

    Schaltwellenabdichtung: Packung aus PTFE oder Reingraphit mit zusätzlichen O-Ring

    Spiralfedern: 1.4404

  • Special materials

    Metal: Steel, austenitic stainless steels (1.4539,1.4529, etc.) Nickel-based alloys (Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C, Alloy 59, etc.), duplex materials, titanium, Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Zirconium
    Other materials on request

    Kugeldichtung: PTFE- Compounds (Kohle, Graphit, Edelstahl), PEEK, Polyimide, metallische dichtende Ausführung (HVOF- Verfahren oder Flammspritzen mit zusätzlicher thermischer Verdichtung)
    Weitere Werkstoffe auf Anfrage

    Weitere Dichtungen: Graphit, FEP ummantelte Compounds, PFA ummantelte Compounds, Kalrez, Hoch- und Tieftemperatur- Kalrez, PFA/FEP ummantelter Edelstahlfederkern für Cryogenic Anwendung, Silberbeschichtete metallische O- und C-Ringe

    Konformitäten: USP, FDA, EFSA, ADI, 3-A sowie öl- und fettfreie
    Weitere Werkstoffe und Konformitäten auf Anfrage

    Schaltwellenabdichtung: PTFE Dachmanschetten FDA-Konform, Hochtemperatur- Packungen
    Weitere Werkstoffe auf Anfrage

    Spiralfedern: Hastelloy®
    Weitere Werkstoffe auf Anfrage

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Segment Ball Valve Typ_P21

Most demanding applications

Designed for the most demanding applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, and most solids processing industries.

Especially for difficult products such as sand, gravel, metal powder, ceramics and many other bulk materials.


1. full product pass
The ball segment rotates completely out of the product flow to avoid product deposits and and ensures unobstructed mass flow.

2. No product deposits
No cavities in which product residues can settle, crystallize, polymerize, can cake together and thus impair the function.

3. Self-cleaning sealing surface
The self-cleaning effect of the sealing area prevents abrasive products from being drawn in between the segment and the sealing surface. This prevents blocking of the segment valve or destruction of the sealing system.


4. Shut-off segment
Precision machined from flat steel for high pressure applications.

5. Sealed seats
Depending on the application, can be designed with Teflon, metallic sealing or with an inflatable seal. can be made.

6. Housing
Designed, tested and manufactured in accordance with ASMS VIII (pressure vessels) and IX (welding procedures) from any weldable alloy.
Surfaces polished to Ra 16µm and optionally to Ra10µm.


7. Connections
Marsh connection
According to DIN and ANSI

8. Bearing ball segment
Double eccentrically mounted so that the contact pressure can be readjusted after wear.

9. Automation
Connection according to DIN/ISO5211

10. Cleaning
Optionally with CIP connections for cleaning the housing interior as well as ball segment.