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Compact ball valve

Compact length and stable construction for targeted use

Our compact ball valves have a spring-loaded sealing system and are particularly suitable for use under high pressure. Installation is quick and easy.

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DN 15 - DN 350

Pressure max.

-1 bar up to +80 bar


-196°C up to +500°C

Technical data

  • Application


    › Pipeline

    Areas of application

    › Chemical

    › Pharmaceutical

    › Food

  • Medium

    › Gases

    › Fluids

    › Emulsion

    › Sirup

    › Suspension

    › Granulate material

    › Powder

  • Design


    › Cavity free

    › Full bore

    › Spring loaded ball sealing system

    › Sealing pressure adjustable by means of spiral coil springs

    › Chambered coil springs

    › Self adjustable, maintenance free stem sealing with additional o-ring

    › blow out proof stem

    Additional according to customer requirements:

    › Metal to metal sealing system for high pressure, high temperature and abrasive operating conditions

    › Heating jacket

    › Flushing connection

    › Special sizes

    › Special face to face length

    › Special piping connection

    › ANSI connection

    › Extended stem

    › Double packed stuffing box design

    › Antistatic- Design

    › Fire Safe Design

    › Product wetted surfaces Ra<0,8μm

    › Electropolished surfaces

    › Oil - and fat free design

    › Silicone free design

    › Further extras available on request

    Connection to pipeline:

    › Flange EN1092-1

    Tightness test:

    › Acc. To EN 12266-1 Leckrate A

    Actuator mounting flange:

    › DIN/ISO 5211


    › TA-Luft

    › ATEX 94/9/EG

  • Material

    Metal: 1.4404

    Ball sealing: PTFE & PTFE/25% Glass fibre

    O-Ringe: Viton, EPDM or FEP-Viton

    Stem sealing: Packing out of PTFE or pure graphite with additional o-ring

    Coil springs: 1.4404

  • Special Material

    Metal: austenite stainless steel (904L, 472/649, etc.) nickel- base alloy ( Hastelloy ® B, Hastelloy ® C, C276, Alloy 59 etc.) Duplex , Titanium, Monel ®, Inconel ®, Incoloy ®, Zirconium
    Further materials on request

    Ball sealing: PTFE- Compounds (glass, carbon, graphite, stainless steel, etc.), PEEK, Polyimide, Metal to metal sealing system - High velocity oxygen spraying (HVOF), Flame spraying with additional thermal compaction, Laser deposition welding and Plasma-transferred arc welding (PTA)
    Further materials on request

    Further sealing: graphite, FEP coated Compounds, PFA coated Compounds, Kalrez, high- and low temperature - Kalrez, PFA/FEP coated stainless steel for cryogenic application, silver coated metallic o- and c-rings

    Conformity: USP, FDA, EFSA, ADI, 3-A, oil- and fat free
    Further conformity on request

    Stem sealing: PTFE chevron packing, high temperature packing
    Further materials on request

    Coil springs: Hastelloy ®
    Further materials on request

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ATEC Compact Ball Valve


Cavity free

The usual cavity between ball and housing in non- cavity free ball valves give cause for disturbance because residual products can crystallize, polymerize and so affect the function.

› Clean, non- false product

› No sediments of expensive products in the ball valve housing


Spring loaded ball sealing system

Approximately same torque at different temperatures This request can only be achieved by ball valves with a spring-loaded sealing system. Different heat expansion of metallic and synthetic material cause high torques by non spring-loaded sealing systems so that the valve can block and does not open or close anymore. Longer lifetime through spring- loaded sealing system. Spring-loaded cavity free ball valves achieve this improvement in a variety of processes. At abrasion, the spring-loaded sealing system guarantees a controlled compression of the ball sealing so that longer sealing life and leak-tightness can be realized

› Longer Lifetime

› Same torque at different temperatures


Suitable for High Pressure operations

The compact, stable construction with additional high pressure sealing edge enables the use in high pressure processes.

› HP-Sealcon (High Pressure) sealing edge for high pressure applications


Short installation length

Connecting the forwarding pipeline via threaded holes in the ball valve housing allows a very short length.

› Compact design

› Easy assembly in pipeline