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Segment Ball Valve

› Absolutely cavity free

› Spring loaded sealing system

› Full bore

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DN 25 - DN 100

Pressure max.

-1 bar up to +10 bar


-196°C to +500°C

Technical data

  • Application


    › Filter dryer / vacuum dryer

    › Stirrer vessel

    › Transport vessels

    › Reactor

    › Other vessel

    Areas of application:

    › Chemie

    › Pharma

    › Nahrungsmittel

    › Kosmetik

    › Materialtechnologie

    › Schmierstoffe

    › Lack

  • Medium

    › Gase

    › Fluids

    › Emulsion

    › Sirup

    › Suspension

    › Granulate material

    › Powder

  • Design


    › Absolutely cavity free

    › Full bore

    › Chambered coil springs

    › Trunnion mounted C-ball (centric or eccentric)

    › one sided spring loaded ball sealing

    › No welding seams

    › Product wettet surfaces Ra<0,8μm

    › Short installation length

    › Adjustable and maintenance free stem sealing with additional o-ring

    Additional according to customer requirements:

    › Metal to metal sealing system for high pressure, high temperature and abrasive operating conditions

    › Ball valve design customizable to special vessel flanges

    › Piping acc. to customer request e.g. thread, Clamp, Camlock,
    Swagelok etc.

    › Heating jacket

    › Flushing connection

    › Extended stem

    › Double packed stuffing box design

    › Antistatic- Design

    › Fire Safe Design

    › Scraper chamfer for cutting viscous product

    › Product contact surfaces Ra<0,8μm

    › Electropolished surfaces

    › Oil - and fat free design

    › Silicone free design

    › Further extras available on request

    Connection to vessel:

    › Vessel bottom flange acct. to DIN28117/28140

    › Special connection according to customers’ request

    Connection to pipeline:

    › Flansch nach EN1092-1

    › Weld end acc. to DIN11850

    › Thread acc. to DIN11851

    › Clamp acc. to DIN32676

    › Special connection acc. to customers´ request

    Tightness test:

    › Acc. To EN 12266-1 leak rate A

    Actuator mounting flange:

    › DIN/ISO 5211


    › TA-Luft

    › ATEX 94/9/EG

  • Material

    Metal: 1.4404

    Ball sealing: PTFE & PTFE/25% Glass fibre

    O-Rings: Viton, EPDM or FEP-Viton

    Stem sealing: Packung aus PTFE oder Reingraphit mit zusätzlichem O-Ring

    Coil springs: 1.4404

  • Special material

    Metal: austenite stainless steel (904L, 472/649, etc.) nickel- base alloy ( Hastelloy ® B, Hastelloy ® C, C276, Alloy 59 etc.) Duplex , Titanium, Monel ®, Inconel ®, Incoloy ®, Zirconium
    Further materials on request

    Ball sealing: PTFE- Compounds (glass, carbon, graphite, stainless steel, etc.), PEEK, Polyimide, Metal to metal sealing system - High velocity oxygen spraying (HVOF), Flame spraying with additional thermal compaction, Laser deposition welding and Plasma-transferred arc welding (PTA)
    Further materials on request

    Further sealing: graphite, FEP coated Compounds, PFA coated Compounds, Kalrez, high- and low temperature - Kalrez, PFA/FEP coated stainless steel for cryogenic application, silver coated metallic o- and c-rings

    Conformity: USP, FDA, EFSA, ADI, 3-A, oil- and fat free
    Further conformity on request

    Stem sealing: PTFE chevron packing, high temperature packing
    Further materials on request

    Coil springs: Hastelloy ®
    Further materials on request

  • Downloads


ATEC Segment Ball Valve Type_C


Absolutely cavity free

The usual cavity between ball and housing in non- cavity free ball valves give cause for disturbance because residual products can crystallize, polymerize and so affect the function.

› Clean, non- false product

› No sediments of expensive products in the ball valve housing


Angefedertes Dichtsystem

Die Anfederung bewirkt ein kontrolliertes Nachstellen der Dichtung bei Verschleiß, erhöht so die Standzeit der Armatur und sorgt für ein annähernd gleiches Drehmoment bei unterschiedlichen Temperaturen.

Bedingt durch unterschiedliche Wärmeausdehnung von metallischen Werkstoffen und den bevorzugt verwendeten Dichtsitz aus PTFE und ähnlichen Kunststoffen können die Drehmomente nicht angefederter Hähne so hoch werden, dass sie schlimmstenfalls blockieren und somit nicht mehr geöffnet oder geschlossen werden können

› Verlängerte Standzeit

› Gleiches Drehmoment bei unterschiedlichen Temperaturen


Spring loaded ball sealing system

Approximately same torque at different temperatures This request can only be achieved by ball valves with a spring-loaded sealing system. Different heat expansion of metallic and synthetic material cause high torques by non spring-loaded sealing systems so that the valve can block and does not open or close anymore. Longer lifetime through spring- loaded sealing system. Spring-loaded cavity free ball valves achieve this improvement in a variety of processes. At abrasion, the spring-loaded sealing system guarantees a controlled compression of the ball sealing so that longer sealing life and leak-tightness can be realized

› Longer Lifetime

› Same torque at different temperatures


Direct mounting to vessel flange

Direct mounting on the tank flange via through holes in the housing of the C-valve

› Easy and quick assembling

› Short installation length